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Akad University transcript
Akad University transcript

The AKAD University and AKAD further education offers the broadest range of distance learning and further education in digitization & innovation, Akad University transcript, business & management, technology & IT, communication & culture, and languages ​​in Germany.

In research, AKAD University works closely with renowned partners from business and science. Akad University academic transcript, The AKAD network includes the university network “Education through Responsibility” and the German Federal Armed Forces, to name two examples.

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There is also close cooperation and continuous exchange with national and international universities and research institutions. For application-oriented laboratory work, for example, AKAD students have modern laboratory equipment at our renowned partner universities in Pforzheim, Wedel, and DHBW Stuttgart. Akad University student transcript, Internationally, AKAD students can join California State University’s California Campus program in Sacramento, USA.

82 percent were able to expand their careers through distance learning at AKAD. Akad University official transcript, Successful career development: After completing the AKAD degree, the graduates look forward to an increase in their salary by an average of 29 percent.

The AKAD Group sees itself as an innovative distance-learning provider. fake Akad University transcript, We contribute to the personal and professional success of our customers with state and internationally-recognized degrees and through advanced training at a high level.

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