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New Zealand Auckland University of Technology was built in 1895, formerly known as Auckland Institute of Technology, was officially approved by the New Zealand government to become a university in 2000, buy fake AUT transcript, so as to become one of the eight public universities in New Zealand.

The university is divided into two campuses: Wellesley Campus, located in the center of Auckland City, and Akoranga Campus, located in the north waterfront of Auckland City. Akoranga is only 10 kilometers away from the city center, and there is a bus transporting students between the two campuses every 20 minutes. How to buy AUT transcript? Auckland University of Technology currently has 25,000 students enrolled, including about 1,700 international students from 52 countries. Auckland University of Technology offers majors in business, applied arts, science and engineering, health studies, law, etc. It can provide students with a wide range of certificate, and diploma courses (Diploma), which is convenient for students to get a job, and it can also provide Bachelor (Bachelor) and Master (Master) degree programs. AUT academic transcript, The University adopts small-class teaching, with an average of 40 students per class, so that each student can be well taken care of.

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Both campuses have student residences that can accommodate up to 300 students. Rent is NZD 4000-5000 per year. Students can also share accommodation with local families for around NZD 10,000 per year, or stay with a host family for over NZD 10,000 per year. Therefore, please consider carefully. In addition, students can rent off-campus apartments with excellent conditions.

The main facilities of the school include the International Student Center, New Student Service Office, Library, Computer Room, Study Center, Gymnasium, Student Cafeteria, Health Counseling Center, and Career Counseling and other services. Auckland University of Technology recognizes IELTS and TOEFL scores. AUT official transcript, When applying for a program, if the IELTS or TOEFL score is not up to the standard of the program, you can apply to study the language class of the university first. Transfer credits are available and the university allows students to work in their spare time.

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