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CUHK transcript
CUHK transcript

The Chinese University of Hong Kong or CUHK for short. The Chinese University of Hong Kong is a leading, internationally acclaimed public research comprehensive university in Asia, and is a world-class academic powerhouse in key research areas such as China Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Information Sciences, Economics and Finance, and Geoinformation and Earth Sciences. buy CUHK transcript, It is also the only university in Hong Kong with Nobel Prize, Fields Prize, and Turing Award winners on its faculty.

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With the mission of “combining tradition and modernity, blending China and the West”, the University of Hong Kong is characterized by its academy system and bilingualism and is a key member of the Pacific Rim Association of Universities, the World University Consortium, the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, the Chinese Association of University Presidents, the first AACSB accredited member in Asia, fake CUHK transcript, and the home of the Hong Kong Internet Exchange. Location.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong was formed by the merger of New Asia College, Chung Chi College, and United College in 1963; buy fake CUHK transcript, in 1966, the first graduate school in Hong Kong was established; in 1976, the departments of different colleges were integrated and unified under the responsibility of the University; in 1986, the curriculum structure was comprehensively reviewed and switched to a credit system and general education was strengthened; how to buy CUHK transcript, in 1998, the first in Hong Kong to admit Mainland undergraduates; in 2014, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was established.

The founding of The Chinese University of Hong Kong broke the iron rule that only one university was allowed to exist in the colonies of the British Empire, and at the same time set off the Chinese language movement in Hong Kong, successfully ending the monopoly of English as the official language, CUHK academic transcript, which is both a watershed in British colonial history and one of the manifestations of decolonization in Asia in the 20th century, with the certain sign of the times.

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