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DMU transcript
DMU transcript

De Montfort University (DMU) is a high-quality and innovative comprehensive university located in Leicester, East Midlands, England. Its predecessor was the Leicester School of Art, founded in 1870, which subsequently developed into the Leicester Colleges of Art and Technology, Leicester Polytechnic, and then into De Montfort University. fake DMU transcript, De Montfort University. The university was named in honor of Simon de Montfort, the 6th Earl of Leicester, who founded the first English Parliament in 1265 during the Middle Ages.

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De Montfort University (DMU) is located in Leicester, the geographical center of England, near the River Soar and Leicester Castle Gardens. fake DMU transcript copy, With a history of over 140 years of teaching and research, DMU has developed into a modern and renowned comprehensive university. DMU academic transcript, 200 million pounds has been invested in the renovation of teaching and learning facilities over the past 14 years, and nearly 200 million pounds will be invested in the campus expansion plan in the long term.

Leicester, as a traditional shoe-making town in the UK, has a unique advantage in shoe-making, and DMU’s predecessor was the Leicester School of Art, so the School of Art and Design is well placed to maximize this advantage in professional design. DMU online transcript, The Faculty of Art and Design has a wide range of disciplines and is renowned for its unique specialties of “Underwear Design” and “Footwear Design”. buy fake DMU transcript online, For example, there are only three universities in the UK that offer the Footwear Design program.

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