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KTU diploma supplement
KTU diploma supplement

Founded in 1922, Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania has two campuses with 9 faculties, 10 research institutes, 2 science and technology valleys, and business incubators. Currently, there are more than 10,000 students, 10% of whom are international students, and the University has 12 student residences all on campus. fake KTU diploma supplement, Kaunas University of Technology of Lithuania has an Innovation and Business Centre (in association with Aalto University of Finland), a National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, and an Integrated Research and Business Centre (Santata Valley), which is open to Lithuanian and foreign research institutes and business centers, and is financed by the European Union!

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The University has more than 500 cooperation agreements with many global companies and public organizations, such as NATO, BASF AG, ELSIS TS, Samsung, Hitachi, and others. Kaunas University of Technology has more than 400 inter-university cooperation and exchange agreements, which give international students the opportunity to spend 1-2 semesters at partner institutions. Kaunas University of Technology is the “Tsinghua University” of Lithuania, ranked No. 1 in Lithuania for science and technology, and among the top 4% of universities by QS University Rankings.

The university library has more than two million volumes, including technical, natural and applied sciences, and humanities. It is the oldest academic library in the city of Kaunas and students can find all the latest works through the computerized catalog. fake KTU diploma supplement for sale, This library regularly exchanges publications with 30 libraries in 15 countries. If a student cannot find relevant materials in this library, he/she can immediately contact other libraries.

The living expenses for international students studying in Kaunas are very low and most of them feel very satisfied. Kaunas City has many quality restaurants, a variety of cultural and entertainment facilities, and a very efficient transportation system. buy KTU diploma supplement online, Students have a high standard of living here, and the university provides student dormitories for international students, while the rent for an apartment in the city center is only 100 USD per month.

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