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UBC transcript
UBC transcript

The University of British Columbia referred to as “UBC”, was founded in 1908, 1915 to separate from the University of McGill UBC was founded in 1908, and became independent from McGill University in 1915. If you need a fake UBC transcript, please let us know.

UBC is “both beauty and substance” of the university, known as the pearl of the West Coast! She is known as “the most beautiful campus in North America”, the campus is located by the mountains, close to the Pacific Ocean, Aboriginal forest parks, and the Rocky Mountains, in the campus can enjoy the sea and forest landscape. How to buy UBC transcript, There is also a beautiful rose garden on campus!

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After more than a hundred years of development, UBC has gradually become a top comprehensive research university, together with the University of Toronto and McGill University, known as “Canada’s top three universities”. UBC academic transcript, Its research strength is not to be underestimated, in North America based on the results of scientific research the number of companies ranked UBC ranked No. 3, only after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

UBC is ranked 47th in the latest QS World University Rankings 2023.

UBC is a member of Canada’s U15 Research Universities Consortium, a member of the Pacific Rim Universities Consortium, and a member of the Global Alliance of Universities Higher Education Institutes …… As of 2020, UBC has produced 8 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Prime Ministers of Canada, 22 M Excellence in Teaching Award winners, 65 Olympic medalists, 71 Rhodes Scholars, 273 members of the Royal Society of Canada, and many other alumni. UBC official transcript, Three Canadian prime ministers have been educated at UBC, including Canada’s first female prime minister, Kim Campbell, and current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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