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CMA certificate
CMA certificate

The CMA certificate is an internationally accepted professional qualification for financial managers, the highest and top authoritative global qualification in the field of management accounting, and one of the highest annual financial professional qualifications in the United States and the world. CMA certificate, is the most authoritative high-end accounting certification in the field of management accounting launched by the American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in 1972.

The CMA has been recognized as the gold standard in the international financial field and is world-renowned, recognized by 180 countries around the world, and known as the MBA of the international financial community. CMA certificate online, It is the necessary certificate for financial practitioners in heavyweight enterprises and institutions throughout the United States and is known as the three most authoritative financial certifications in the United States together with AICPA and CFA.

How to obtain a CMA certificate?

The CMA certification focuses on promoting the overall performance of the company. CMA content includes business forecasting and planning, strategic decision-making and support, risk control and management, and performance evaluation. fake CMA certificate, Achieving a CMA certification is a huge career boost for an accountant. CMA certification can be used to help holders develop their careers, have a competitive career advantage, and be competent and qualified to take on the role of a strategic decision supporter.

The purpose of the CMA certification is to develop the breadth of knowledge of management accountants and financial managers so that they can anticipate business needs and participate in strategic decision-making. IMA CMA certificate, On March 1, 2010, SASAC issued the Notice on Holding Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Professional Qualification Training to major central enterprises and state-owned enterprises under its supervision, requesting each enterprise to select financial management personnel to participate in CMA training.

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