Where to order a fake DALF C1 Certificate online in France?

DALF C1 Certificate
DALF C1 Certificate

DALF (Diplômeapprofondi de langue française), a diploma of in-depth study of French, is divided into two levels, C1/C2, and is valid for life once obtained. Buy DALF C1 Certificate, The other diploma, the DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française), is divided into four levels, A1/A2/B1/B2, and is also valid for life.

The difference between the two lies in the letter A and the letter E in the abbreviation. buy DALF C1 Certificate, A corresponds to approfondi, which means “in-depth”, while E corresponds to études, which means only general “study”. Compared to the TCF/TEF, the DALF/DELF is more comprehensive and more output-oriented, so the difficulty is self-evident.

How to get a DALF C1 Certificate from France?

The DALF C1 test consists of four parts: compréhensionde l’oral (listening), compréhension des écrits (reading), productionécrite (writing), and production orale (speaking). fake DALF C1 Certificate, Each of them is worth 25 points and the total score is 100 points.

Conditions for passing:
A total score of no less than 50 and no less than 5 points in each.

Examination time:
Examination time, first of all, the examination is divided into two parts: written (the first three) + oral (oral). Written test a total of 4 hours, yes, you read it right, even test 4 hours, no break in the middle …… which each paper on the recommended time given as follows: listening 40 minutes, reading 50 minutes, writing 150 minutes.

But generally speaking, the collection of papers is a one-time collection of these three parts of the paper at the end of the written test, which means that the time for each part can be mastered by yourself and adjusted according to your personal situation. fake DALF C1 Certificate maker, But personally, I think that the proposed time is still reasonable, and overall it is also very tight, basically stopping the pen at the last minute, so if you want to personally adjust the time used for the sub-items, you must grasp the time, otherwise, the last part, i.e. writing, will be very rushed, and even directly affect the big picture, which will be explained in detail later. buy fake DALF C1 Certificate, The time for the oral exam is 1 hour for preparation and 30 minutes for the exam.

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