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Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen diploma
Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen diploma

The Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (LOI) is the market leader in flexible home study and provides classroom training at locations throughout the Netherlands. buy fake Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen diploma, Every year, more than 100,000 people take a course at LOI, of which more than 20,000 take an HBO course at LOI Hogeschool. This makes LOI one of the largest and best-known training providers in the Netherlands.

The LOI offers over 1,000 courses at every level, from recognized Master’s, HBO, and MBO degrees to short programs in every direction. The examinations, oral lessons, and classroom meetings take place partly in the company’s own establishment AandeZijl next to the LOI office building.

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To provide up-to-date and practical information to students and exam candidates, including as a signpost in the AandeZijl building and to the classrooms where they are expected. For visitors to the building, information screens are hung at three strategic locations. Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen diploma certificate, This makes the screens unmissable and informs visitors about classrooms, classes, exams, and facility announcements.

The institution was founded by I. J. Sloos in Leiden in 1923 as the Institute of Economic Sciences, where students could take a written home course for the MO degree in Accounting. With the expansion of offerings to State Accounting and Statistics, the name was changed to the Institute of Commercial Science, and in 1941 this institute and the Nederlandsch College voor Algemene Studieleiding jointly founded the Leiden Educational Institutes. buy a Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen diploma, However, the German occupying forces ordered the educational activities to be halted, so only after World War II could the further expansion of the programs actually begin.

In 2019, it was announced that competitor NCOI wanted to take over LOI. Where to buy Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen diploma, This led to an investigation by the Consumer and Market Authority to determine whether sufficient competition would remain in the education market.

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