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UNISA Embassy Attestation
UNISA Embassy Attestation

Studying abroad has always been a long-lasting topic, South Africa is one of China’s international students convergence, the number of students studying abroad is increasing every year, while the number of students returning to China is also increasing every year, the most intuitive representation of studying abroad is the academic credentials, buy UNISA Embassy Attestation, the academic credentials obtained abroad in the country has a more important status, the South African academic credentials can not be used directly in China, return to work and other related matters. The relevant departments will require the applicant to produce the South African academic certificate and handle the embassy’s double authentication procedures.

South African academic certificate embassy double authentication required information:

1, a two-inch or small two-inch photo ID (black and white or color half bareheaded);

2, my passport during my study period (visa records and entry and exit records must be copied; if the passport has been submitted, please ask the relevant units to issue a certificate);

3、Original certificates of all degrees or higher education diplomas obtained abroad (including original translations of the original certificates or diplomas that need to be certified);

4. All official transcripts obtained during the study abroad (including the original translated copies, translated by the designated organization); for foreign research degree holders, if there are no transcripts, the relevant research certificates issued by the school shall be provided;

5、Certificate of Returned Overseas Students issued by the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) abroad;

6. For degree holders with a master’s degree or above (including a master’s degree), the original copy of the thesis should be submitted, and the catalog and abstract of the thesis should be provided;

7. Proof of the last academic certificate before going abroad (for foreign master’s degree holders, if the academic certificate before enrollment is a junior college, they have to submit the certificate of all working experience before enrollment; make fake UNISA Embassy Attestation, for doctoral degree holders, if the academic certificate before enrollment is less than master’s degree (excluding master’s degree), they have to submit the certificate of all working experience before enrollment or the certificate of professional title).

The above documents need to be submitted the original and a copy.

South African academic certificate embassy double authentication process: first of all, the information is ready to entrust the local notary lawyer to notarize the documents, and then send the notarized documents to the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification, How to make UNISA Embassy Attestation? and finally send the documents to the Chinese Embassy in South Africa for embassy certification.

South Africa’s academic certificate certification processing time is usually 15 days, buy a fake UNISA Embassy Attestation, and the time for expedited processing is 7 working days.

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