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Driving Licence Singapore
Driving Licence Singapore

Singapore is divided into 3,4,5 driver’s licenses, corresponding to China’s driver’s licenses C, B, and A tickets. Singapore No. 3 driver is divided into 3C and No. 3, 3C driver’s license only can drive a car carrying people, and can not drive a car carrying goods. 3 is to drive a small truck, small box, van, and so on, that is, a small box truck. The prerequisite for going to Singapore to be a No.3 driver is that you need to have a domestic driver’s license and you need to be able to drive. buy fake Driving Licence Singapore, The No.3 driver’s license test is divided into two subjects, the first one is a theoretical subject, which is similar to the domestic subject. fake Driving Licence Singapore maker, The second is the road test, which is to give you a car to see if you can drive normally. It should be noted that Singapore are right-hand drive car, with the steering wheel on the right, so the country needs to familiarize itself with a period of time.

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Singapore’s No. 4 driver to drive a car than the No. 3 driver is a little larger, mostly buses, tankers, mixers, semi-trailers, and so on. Singapore driver licence, There are two prerequisites for taking the Singapore No. 4 driver’s license, the first one is to have a Singapore No. 3 driver’s license, and the second one is to have a letter of recommendation from a Singaporean employer. If you are driving a bus, you need to take the Singapore 4A license, which also belongs to one of the No. 4 driver’s licenses.

Singapore’s No. 5 driver driving the car is also very good to understand, How to get Driving Licence Singapore, that is than the No. 4 driver and then some of the larger cars, mostly for large trucks, container trucks, cranes, and dangerous goods transport vehicles.

In Singapore to get a local driver’s license, the cost is generally needed to take care of oneself, the cost of a test No. 3 driver’s license is about 1,000-1,500 SGD, the No. 4 driver’s license is about 2,000 SGD, some employers will pay for workers to get a driver’s license, or to provide a certain amount of subsidies.

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