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Italy ID
Italy ID

The first thing to know is that in order to obtain an Italian driver’s license, you must be at least 18 years old and it takes 2-6 months to obtain a license. buy a fake Italy ID, First of all, it is necessary to decide whether to deliver everything to the driving school, which will help in completing the procedure of the various matters and will be taken care of throughout the training process, or to decide to do everything on your own and save some money.

How can I get a fake Italy ID card online?

If the decision has been made to get your own driver’s license. First, the “TT2112” form must be submitted to the DMV office. This form can be downloaded online from the forms section of the Motorist’s Portal website. buy fake Italian driver licence, The application must be accompanied by a residence permit if the candidate is a non-EU citizen, or if he/she is a citizen of the European Union, registration at the registry office of the place of residence is sufficient.

Italy ID back
Italy ID back

Using the form TT2112, it is necessary to provide proof of payment of 14,62€ in the 4028 current account and 24,00€ in the 9001 current account, a medical certificate with a stamp of 14,62€ issued by a qualified doctor no later than within 3 months. It must also be accompanied by 2 recent passport-size photographs, one of which must be certified on non-thermalized paper.

Conversely, to book a road test, proof of payment of €14,62 on a current account of 4028. fake Italy ID generator, These payment notes can be found at the post office or at the DMV office. Remember, however, that even if the decision has been made to take the self-test, it is still necessary to complete a minimum of six hours of driving lessons at an authorized driving school, according to recent regulations.

Mandatory exercises will focus on driving in night-vision conditions; driving on urban freeways or suburban secondary roads; and driving on freeways or suburban roads. Finally, the driving school will issue a certificate, which is required to book a road test.

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