How to get a fake Italy Identity Card? buy ID card in Italy

Italy Identity Card
Italy Identity Card

If you want to apply for an Italian ID card you definitely need to get a residence permit first. What are the benefits of applying for an Italian ID card? buy a fake Italy Identity Card, 1. A Chinese driver’s license is not recognized in Italy, although you can rent a car with a translation, but if there is a traffic accident, the insurance company will not pay compensation. Therefore, if you need to use a car, it is recommended to get an Italian driver’s license. If you need to use a car, it is recommended to get a driver’s license in Italy. 2. In recent years, Italy has become more and more strict on scholarships, and in some areas, when applying for ISSE (scholarships), you must show your ID card, and if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to apply for it.

How to apply for an Italy Identity Card online?

The materials needed to apply for ID card:
1: passport, original, photocopy of the first page
2: copy of the tax identification number
3: Residence card: original copy of front and back. PS: The validity of the card should be within 60 days
4: A copy of the formal contract
5: 3 photos, 2 inches in size.
6: Euro 5.42

Italy Identity Card back
Italy Identity Card back

Procedure: (Florence for example, other cities can find the corresponding office)
Step 1: Go to the comune to make an appointment and check-in, the address is in the city center opposite the hot pot buffet in the post office via Giuseppe Verdi. It’s recommended to go on Tuesdays to be served by a Chinese person. buy fake fake Italy Identity Card, After the reservation, you will be given a sheet with the reservation time, and you can choose the reservation time.
Step 2: Go to the address specified on the reservation form to register, enter the office, and give the list to the staff at the door, they will give you a number plate, and during the check-in period the staff will ask you some questions about your home, such as how many people live at home and so on. The check-in office is on the left side of CUBO 4.
Step 3: Within 45 days, the police will come to your house to check if you are living in the house. fake Italy Identity Card maker, During this period, you will receive a tax card in your mailbox, only the first person who registers will have it. fake Italy Identity Card generator, If you are not at home the first time, the police will leave a letter in your mailbox saying when they will come again, and if you are not at home the third time, you will have to go back to the comune to apply again.
Step 4: after the end of registration staff will give you a list, take this list to the side of CUBO 1, take a number plate, and then you can get an ID card, the staff will ask you some questions, your hair, eyes, and pupils of the color, height, there is no special sign.

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