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New Jersey ID
New Jersey ID

On the same day Monday that New York passed a bill that allows illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, New Jersey passed similar legislation, becoming the 15th state in the nation to do so. If the governor signs the bill before the end of the year, the law will take effect in January 2021. New Jersey ID, In New Jersey, many illegal immigrants have been fighting for years for the right to be on the road legally, and it was finally completed this year for the convenience of many people living in remote areas who say that many places do not have public transportation and many times these mass transit are unreliable, New Jersey ID card, from small groceries to taking their children to school, to going to work, to going to the doctor’s appointment all need a driver’s license.

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Department of Motor Vehicles

The new law passed in New York requires applicants to pass a written test and a road test in order to obtain a driver’s license and expands the documents that applicants need to prove their identity so that they can now apply for a driver’s license by presenting a driver’s license from another country, a passport, a birth certificate, and an ID card.

Passports from other countries

However, there are still people who do not agree with the passage of this regulation, and many staff at the Department of Motor Vehicles say they are not professionally trained to recognize the authenticity of other countries’ passports. fake New Jersey ID, They have never accepted any identification issued locally by other countries, expressing reluctance to take such risks and give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Applicants waiting in line

New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles administrators say the passage of the bill will raise $21 million in license tax and fee revenue, lost New Jersey ID, increase the number of people who can purchase auto insurance, and not have to worry about accidents or safety hazards when they have insurance and pass a test to get on the road. New Jersey ID replacement, At the same time, the driver’s license and the ID card that can be presented directly to the domestic airport for boarding from next year are not the same, the exact documents needed to apply will be resolved again.

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