Fake Thailand ID card maker, how to buy Thai driver licence?

Thailand ID
Thailand ID

In today’s society, driving is a necessary skill, especially in Thailand, the traffic is not very convenient, and many places can only be accessed by car, so in Thailand legally licensed to drive has become the demand of many partners, as well as in Thailand with a Thai driver’s license can enjoy a lot of local Thais, so the foreigners who come to the Department of Transportation to take the test are always countless. buy a fake Thailand ID, The point is that the Thai passport test is not only very cheap but also short, compared to the Chinese driver’s license Thai driver’s license cumbersome process and high cost, directly in Thailand to get driver’s license seems more sensible. So how do you get a Thai driver’s license in Thailand?

First of all, you need to prepare the following documents:

1. Passport, original visa

Not everyone can get a driver’s license in Thailand, but you need a residence permit or a long-term visa with a validity period of not less than 1 year.

2. Proof of address

You can go to the Immigration Department and the Embassy to apply for it, providing proof of property, a rental contract, an appropriate visa, a work certificate, student certificate to apply for it.

3. Health certificate

You can go to a general hospital or clinic to get a health certificate. buy fake Thailand ID card, You don’t need a full medical checkup, just tell the hospital that it is for a driver’s license, and the price is not too high, about 50-200 baht. However, it is important to note that the application for a driver’s license must be completed within one month after the certificate is issued, otherwise, the expiration date is invalid.

4. 2-inch photo with white background

You can have more than one, you can also use it for documents. Also, the photo can not be more than 6 months oh.

Thailand ID back
Thailand ID back

It should be noted that the Thai car license can only be applied for when you are at least 18 years old, and the motorcycle license when you are at least 15 years old.

Once you have these documents, you can go to your local transport office and apply for them, or if you want to apply for both a car license and a motorcycle license, you will need to prepare two documents.

How to purchase a fake Thailand ID online in Thailand?

Getting a driver’s license in Thailand is very easy and the process is short, with the test being completed in about two days. First, you have to take a color blindness test to test your reflexes, then you have to watch a video prepared by the Ministry of Transportation explaining the traffic rules of Thailand, which is a rather torturous process, 4 hours long, and only in Thai and English. After watching the video it was time for the test, yes, that’s right, no revision or practice, the storm just came in such a hurry.

First up was the site test, the site test is a bit easier, candidates can either drive their own car for the test or choose to rent a car from the test center for 100 baht a time. Here is a tip, we can prepare our own car, so we can drive some automatic or have a reversing assist function the car, or drive some smaller cars, will not be too busy to lead to stalling at the same time can be convenient to reverse into the garage, on the test is very helpful. buy Thailand ID online, As for the site, the test is just to test some basic skills, such as parking, side parking, straight line and reverse, or very simple. If you pass the test, the examiner will sign the test form on the spot, and then you can take the written test.

The written test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, in both Thai and English, and only those who answer more than 45 questions correctly will pass. fake Thailand ID generator, The multiple choice questions are still difficult, the examiner is random, and if you do not watch the video test failed, you can only go to the next day to make up the test, the only consolation is to make up the test are not be required to pay additional fees.

If you are taking the car and motorcycle tests at the same time, you need to take two written tests and two field tests, but the content is not very different. Once you pass both written and road tests, the staff will enter your information and you can pay the fee to have your picture taken and wait to receive your license.

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