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If you have obtained a driving license in China.

You can use your domestic license in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales) for 12 months, but after 12 months, UK ID, you will have to get a UK license before you can continue to drive on the road. The exact time is calculated based on the time of first entry into the UK on your passport.

Northern Ireland has the same rules and also allows a maximum of 12 months with a domestic driver’s license. how to get UK ID, Again, if you still want to drive after 12 months, then you will have to get an Irish driving license to do so. UK ID card, In other words, those who are studying for a 1-year master’s degree in the UK are free to hit the road!

How to order fake UK ID card online?

Of course, directly with the domestic driver’s license is not enough, you also need to translate the driver’s license, translation, there are two options. Bring your relevant documents to a notary public and translate them, Fake UK ID maker, or find an agent on Taobao to get a certified copy of your international driver’s license translation.

If you have a “country-specific” license.

If you have a Designated Countries license and have lived in the UK for at least 6 months, you can convert your license directly to a full UK license. fake UK driver license, This is particularly suitable for students who have obtained their licenses in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries (regions).

How to make the order?

How to make the payment?

How to ship the documents?

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