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Victoria driver licence
Victoria driver licence

Australia’s original regulations for overseas driver’s licenses were that after changing to PR or becoming a naturalized citizen, you must apply for an Australian driver’s license within a fixed period of time, and you can either start from scratch and get it step by step, or you can choose to convert it with an overseas license and undergo a road test. buy fake Victoria driver licence, For those who hold a temporary visa, can use their overseas driver’s license indefinitely.

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So what are the latest rules for using a Victorian driver’s license?

According to a new policy introduced by Transport Victoria on October 29, 2019: Holders of Australian temporary residence visas, including Business Investment Migration visas 163, 164, 165, 188A, 188B, 188C, as well as holders of work visas, including Self-Employed 457, and Student visas 571, 572, 573, and 580 Accompanying visas, can use an overseas Driving License + Translation (Australian Level 3 Translation) to drive in Victoria for 6 months From October 29th, all Provisional Resident Visa holders including 188A/B/C, Accompanying Visa, and International Students are required to apply for a Victorian Driver’s License within six months. buy fake Victoria driver licence, This means that a Chinese driver’s license with an English translation can only be used in Victoria for six months.

If you are currently in Victoria, your Chinese driver’s license can only be used until April 29, 2020. So please hurry up and contact a driving instructor to try to pass your road test. If you hold a Hong Kong driver’s license, you don’t need an interpreter and can drive directly. How to get Victoria driver licence, If you have held a Hong Kong driver’s license for 12 months, you can apply for an exchange for a Victoria driver’s license directly.

If you have just obtained a Hong Kong driver’s license, you have two routes: get a Victoria driver’s license within six months, or drive with a Hong Kong driver’s license for six months, and then not drive for six months. fake Victoria driver licence maker, In addition, you can apply to exchange your Melbourne local driver’s license after 12 months of holding a genuine Hong Kong passport.

Victorian driver’s license and L license have priority over overseas driver’s licenses, and a Victorian driver’s license and L license will follow the rules for local driver’s license holders, or you will be fined AUD$295. As an example. 163 (or 188A) visa holder Xiao A landed in Australia and doesn’t want to go out always with a passport, so get a Victorian driver’s license (or L license), if Xiao A wants to drive, he has to carry a Victorian driver’s license (or L license) with him, not just an overseas driver’s license and a translation. If A speeds or runs a red light, he will be fined and penalized with demerit points.

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