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France Residence Permit
France Residence Permit

Three months after you land in France, you can apply for a residence permit. Generally, the residence permit held by international students is issued by the police and is valid for one year. buy a France Residence Permit.

What’s the process to order France Residence Permit online?

It is not complicated to apply for a residence permit for the first time, and the documents you need to apply for a residence permit are listed below:
1、Original and photocopy of passport (mainly photocopy of name, date of birth page, and page with French visa).
2. Original and photocopy of the certificate of residence.
3、If you have already rented an apartment in France, you also need to show receipts for rent, electricity, and telephone bills. (If you live in a school dormitory, you should let the school dormitory issue a certificate; if you live in a hotel, the hotel will issue an official receipt; if you live in someone else’s house, you should let the owner issue a certificate of residence and a copy of the owner’s identity card).4、Student ID and proof of enrollment (proof of enrollment is mainly to confirm the nature of the school you are attending, the period of enrollment in the school, the weekly hours of classes, and proof of payment of tuition fees).
5、Remittance certificate, this is presented by the bank where you exchange foreign currency, mainly to prove that the money you received, is proof provided by your family members in China.
6、3 two-inch ID photos (black and white color are acceptable).
7、Prepare an envelope with stamps and your address (for you to send back the residence permit).
8、Original and photocopy of the medical insurance certificate (indicate the period of insurance and the terms and conditions of the insured on the photocopy).
9. Medical certificate. The residence permit is the green card of France, after getting the residence permit, you have obtained the right of residence in France, so the French government will be relatively strict when reviewing the materials for the residence permit. fake France Residence Permit maker, But you don’t have to worry, as long as you prepare well according to the requirements, you will get the residence permit soon.

French citizenship is defined as being on all French territories, including overseas territories as well. How to get France Residence Permit, All French citizens vote in the national elections (presidential elections) in the place where they live and their rights are resorted to in the Senate as well as in the National Assembly.

If you are going to the above French overseas territories, the short-term visa application for France’s overseas departments and territories for less than 90 days is the same as the French Schengen visa application process, which is also the same as making an appointment to submit the visa on the website of the French Visa Acceptance Center and submitting the documents through the Visa Acceptance Center, which allows you to apply for a visa within 90 days from the date of departure. buy fake France Residence Permit, The documents required to be provided are basically the same as those required for the Schengen visa application in France.

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