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Hungary Residence Permit
Hungary Residence Permit

The Hungary Residence Permit card is a legal residence document for foreign students in Hungary. Depending on the motivation and duration of the stay, the Immigration Office grants different types of residence cards, such as the residence permit for studying for the purpose of study. The residence card is not only a certificate of your stay in Hungary, but also a guarantee of your free transit through the Schengen countries. With a Hungarian residence card (pink card), you can travel to the other 26 Schengen countries without having to apply for a visa.

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Europe has a policy of free medical treatment, as long as you have a residence card, you can enjoy free medical treatment in public hospitals. In Hungary, as long as less than 200 dollars per month, the whole family can enjoy public medical benefits, and then there are private doctors (need to make an appointment in advance). buy a fake Hungary Residence Permit, There are no worries in case of illness but in case of something that may affect a family in terms of medical expenses in the country.

On November 15, the Hungarian government submitted a proposal/draft to the Parliament on the rules of entry and residence of third-country citizens. If adopted it will be a new, stricter immigration law. temporary residence permit Hungary, In addition to the strict limitations on the number of guest workers and the duration of their stay, the proposal also includes a new category of investment residence.

According to the proposal signed by Hungarian Interior Minister Pintér Sándor and Deputy Prime Minister Semjén Zsolt, in order to obtain a 10-year investment residency, one needs to:

a) An investment certificate of 250,000 euros in a real estate fund registered with the National Bank of Hungary;

b) Purchase residential real estate with a value of at least the equivalent of EUR 500,000 and keep it for at least five years;

c) A donation of 1 million euros to a public trust foundation or school for the support of education, scientific research, and artistic creation activities.
There are many opinions on the new immigration law proposal/draft. Hungary investment residence permit, According to experts, the proposal looks to be fairer and more open than the previous Rogán Antal bond immigration program introduced in 2013 when most of the profits did not go to the state coffers, but to various agencies.

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