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Korea permanent residency
Korea permanent residency

F5 is a permanent residence visa, which is commonly known as a green card. buy a Korea permanent residency, After five years of holding an F2 visa, you can change to an F5 visa, which is a permanent residence, and you only need to land in Korea every two years without renewing your visa, with no residency requirement, and you can land in any city in Korea. The following is a detailed introduction to the F5 visa.

First, apply for South Korea F5 visa issuance object:

1. investment of more than 500,000 U.S. dollars in foreign investors, and has been formally employed Korean nationals more than 5 people conditions.

2. or in science, management, education, culture, art, sports, and other specific areas, permanent resident South Korea, with excellent ability in the personnel recognized by the Minister of Justice can apply.

II. Advantages of obtaining Korea F5 Visa (Permanent Residence):

1. No need to renew the visa;

2. After leaving the country, when re-entering within 1 year, a re-entry permit is not required. How can I get permanent residency in South Korea? However, when it exceeds 1 year, a re-entry permit is required;

3. No need to give up the original nationality.

C. At present, there are two kinds of Korean F5 visa applications in China:

1. high investment F-5-5 visa

2. specific ability F-5-11 visa

3. Fourth, high investment F-5-5 visa

Application Requirements:

When applying for permanent residence status, fake Korea permanent residency maker, a foreign investor who invests more than US$500,000 and pre-formally employs more than five Korean nationals in accordance with the Foreigner Investment Promotion Act.

Required documents for visa application:

1. Visa application form, one photo for a passport (white background 3.5cm x 4.5cm).

2. Personal resume.

3. Passport, ID card, family register original, and photocopy.

4. Certificate of full registration of legal entity (for individual business: submit a copy of business registration card).

5. Certificate of registration as a foreign-invested enterprise

6. Withholding tax receipts or income certificates for 5 or more employees.

7. Original and photocopy of Temporary Residence Permit (for those whose household registration is outside the country).

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