buy Malaysia green card, how to get a fake Malaysia PR card?

Malaysia green card
Malaysia green card

The Malaysian Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) is a permanent resident’s identity card granted by the Malaysian government to foreigners. buy fake Malaysia green card, It is also known as the Malaysian Red Identity Card (Red Registration) as it is red in color as opposed to the blue identity card for nationals of the country. The Permanent Resident Identity Card Malaysia is officially and uniformly known as MyPR.

Malaysia MyPR is under the Malaysian Immigration Act Regulations 1959/63, any foreign national granted permanent resident status will be issued with an entry pass and a red identity card (MyPR). The permanent resident status has no time limit is valid for life, and will be exempted from all visa requirements to enter and reside permanently in Malaysia.

How to get my own Malaysia green card in Malaysia?

Required Documents for Permanent Resident Card
A Scanned color copy of each page of the passport, four passport-size photos with a white background
Steps and Procedures for Permanent Resident Card Application

1. Submission of information and deposit:
(1) The main applicant will email or courier the required documents to the commissioner for data review (to be determined within the same day);
(2) The main applicant signs the contract and pays the deposit after the documents are approved. How to get Malaysia green card, From the day the deposit is received, the specific processing work of PR will begin.

2. Required cooperation and fees for the processing stage:
(1) Within two months of entering the Immigration Office for processing, identification system entry is required;
(2) The main applicant is required to cooperate in completing the identification system entry upon receipt of the documents;
(3) Payment of the second processing fee for the completion of this step, and continuing with the relevant processing.

3. Reporting to the National Immigration Bureau and Receiving the Permanent Resident Identification Card:
Obtain a counter signature letter from the Immigration Department and proceed to the National Agency of Malaysia to collect the approval letter;
Main applicant with passport, approval letter and collect Malaysian Permanent Resident Identity Card;
Completion of the Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) process, the principal applicant must pay the final processing payment.

Third, the permanent resident card (green card) processing time:
All are processed within 5 months. fake Malaysia green card generator, The applicant only needs to travel to Malaysia once to complete all the processing work.

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