How to get Mexico Permanent Residence? buy Mexico green card

Mexico Permanent Residence
Mexico Permanent Residence

The Mexican Permanent Resident Card has no expiration date – it can be issued indefinitely. fake Mexico Permanent Residence, Therefore, it does not have to be renewed every few years like the Temporary Resident Card, but you will need to go to Mexico and log in every 2-3 years;

Mexican Permanent Resident Card Processing Time: The Mexican Permanent Resident Visa takes approximately 10 to 15 business days to process from the date you submit complete documentation to the National Immigration Institute. Mexican permanent resident card, Cycle time: 3 months for the whole family in one step.

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Mexican Permanent Residency: You can apply for a Mexican passport after 2 years of residency in Mexico, whether you are living as a permanent resident or a permanent resident. As a citizen, you will have full rights to vote and live without fear of deportation. How to get a permanent resident card in Mexico? The Mexican passport is also one of the strongest passports with visa-free access to more than 100 countries and territories: you can get visa-free access to Canada for 6 months, visa-free access to Europe for the UK (6 months), Germany (3 months), France (3 months), Italy (3 months), Switzerland (3 months), Ireland (3 months), visa-free access to South American countries, Southeast Asian countries, Japan (3 months), South Korea (3 months), Hong Kong ( 3 months), Macau (3 months), visa-free New Zealand (3 months), etc.

By obtaining permanent residency in Mexico, you enjoy the same rights and benefits as Mexican citizens, except that you cannot vote in elections, you do not have to renew your residency card, and you can enter and leave the country as many times as you want. Mexico permanent residency, Note: If there is a change in employment, address, nationality, marital status, etc., it is necessary to notify the Immigration Department.

For those who hold a permanent resident card, there is no time limit for leaving the country, and for those who hold a temporary resident card, there is no need to worry about leaving the country for more than 2 years, and the resident status will be invalidated.

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