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Spain Residence Permit
Spain Residence Permit

At present, Spain uses two systems of resident identity documents, the Spanish National Identity Card (DNI) and the Residence Card for Foreigners (TIE, often referred to as NIE). If you need to buy a fake Spain Residence Permit, please contact us.

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1. Spanish National Identity Card Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI)

The DNI is equivalent to our resident’s identity card and has a 9-digit number, consisting of the first 8 digits plus a letter at the end. The Residence Card for national Spanish citizens has the Spanish flag and coat of arms in the background, the DNI number written in the lower left corner and the words DOCUMENTO NACIONAL DE IDENTIDAD – Citizen’s Identity Card – clearly written in the upper right corner, with a chip on the back. The registration number (Número de soporte) on the card is also a nine-digit number, but it is arranged with three letters at the beginning and six digits at the end. fake Spain Residence Permit maker, This is different from the arrangement on the right side of the Residence Card for Foreigners (E followed by 8 digits). The background of the Residence Card for naturalized foreigners is different from the background and layout of the Residence Card for Spanish nationals, but all other information is the same, with the chip displayed on the front of the card.

2. Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) card for foreigners.

Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) is actually translated as a foreigner’s identification number, not a residence card. The real foreigner’s residence card is called Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE). buy Spain Residence Permit online, It is customary to call a foreigner’s residence a NIE because when a foreigner does not enter Spain and applies for a Spanish visa or applies for entry and residence through any of the authorities, he is issued with a foreigner’s number NIE, which can be printed on the visa and recorded in the system, but in fact at this point in time he does not have a card and has not yet entered Spain. It is only when he has entered the country that he can go and get a physical card.

Therefore, the TIE is a physical object that is carried with the person, whereas the NIE is a numerical number that is only valid at the administrative level; the NIE does not prove that the person is legally resident in Spain, whereas the TIE does; the NIE follows the person who owns it for the rest of his life, whereas the TIE, as a card, needs to be renewed periodically. The Residence Card for Foreigners also has a 9-digit number, but it differs from the Residence Card for Spanish nationals in that the numbering arrangement is as follows: 1 letter in the front, 7 digits in the middle, and 1 letter at the end. temporary residence permit Spain, The registration number (Número de soporte) of the Residence Card for Foreigners, as mentioned above, is different: the first letter E, followed by 8 digits.

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