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Italian passport
Italian passport

An Italian passport is itself an EU passport, which means that having an Italian passport makes you an EU citizen. If you need an Italian passport, please contact us.

The concept of EU citizenship was formally introduced by the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, which stipulates in paragraph 8.1 that every individual who holds the citizenship of any member state of the EU is an EU citizen. buy real Italian passport, The 500 million citizens of the EU enjoy the benefits and rights provided by the EU, such as freedom of movement, educational resources, working environment, health care, etc.

How to get an Italian passport online?

1. Education

With an EU passport, your children can go to school in any EU country. Italian passport for sale, They can enjoy the same schooling conditions as local citizens and the related free system.

2. Medical care

With an EU passport, you will receive a European health insurance card. You can receive emergency medical treatment in any EU member state, whether you are on vacation, study or business trip, and you can enjoy the same medical treatment in your country.

3. Work

With an EU passport, you can work or start a business in any member state. Enjoy the same treatment as local citizens.

The Italian passport is ranked fourth in the Henry Passport Index in 2021, without the long wait of a residence card – permanent residence – naturalization to get a passport, you can now have an Italian passport in one step in as little as 6 months. The gold content is very high!

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