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Spanish passport
Spanish passport

Spain is a highly developed capitalist country, a member of the European Union, a member of the Eurozone, and a member of Schengen. buy Spanish passport, Spain has a high-quality environment, with nearly 300 sunny days a year, a pleasant climate, temperatures between 18-26 degrees throughout the year, excellent air quality, and the world’s most advanced medical facilities and medicine, with one of the highest organ donation rates in the world.

By becoming a citizen of Spain, you are not only a Spanish national but also a citizen of the European Union. With a Spanish passport, you can live, travel, study, and work freely in any EU country without any time limit and enjoy the benefits of EU countries. buy real Spain Passports, This is one of the most exciting advantages of having a Spanish passport.

How to get a Spanish passport online?

Immigrants to Spain for the way: naturalization (special contribution), application requirements: 1. 18 years of age, 2. no criminal record, 3. no major infectious diseases, Note: the applicant must personally log in to the relevant departments of the Spanish government to receive a passport

Spanish passport is exempted from 174 countries worldwide, ranking second in the world in terms of visa exemption. Spanish passport for sale, Including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other mainstream developed countries in the world, holding the Spanish residence status, 26 Schengen countries free passage.

Pension benefits:

1. The legal retirement age in Spain is 65 years old, and you can apply for a pension after retirement.

2. As long as you meet the age requirement and have legal residency, you can buy a monthly subway or bus pass for the elderly with your ID, and travel without worries.

3. In order to enrich the life of the elderly, each community has set up activity centers for the elderly, where they can do various interesting activities such as painting, singing, dancing, etc., and can meet more people of their age.

4. Spain’s comprehensive medical service brings a lot of benefits to the elderly in their old age, as long as they pay social security contributions, they can apply for a medical card, with which they can receive free medical treatment in Spanish public hospitals.

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