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QUT degree
QUT degree

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a public research university located in the seaside city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. buy QUT degree, The University Act granted university status, followed by the merger of the Brisbane Institute of Advanced Education and QUT in 1990.

The history of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) dates back to 1849 when the Brisbane College of Art was established. QUT degree certificate, Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) was established in 1965 following the Central Institute of Technology.

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In 1988, the Queensland University of Technology Act was passed to grant university status to the Queensland University of Technology (QIT). QUT degree with distinction, As a result, QIT was granted university status and began operating as the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in January 1989. The Brisbane Institute of Advanced Education (BIE) joined QUT in 1990.

The Gardens Point campus was once housed entirely in the 19th-century former Queensland Government House. QUT law degree, In 1909, during the relocation of the Governor’s residence, the old Governor’s House and the surrounding five hectares of land were reserved for the University and the Institute of Technology. QUT business degree, The xxx university on site is the University of Queensland, which was moved to St Lucia in 1945 and is still in use today.

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