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Dalhousie University diploma
Dalhousie University diploma

Founded in 1818, Dalhousie University is the third oldest university in Nova Scotia and the fifth oldest in Canada and is a member of the U15 University Consortium and the Association of Universities of Greater Britain. If you need a fake Dalhousie University diploma, please contact us.

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Dalhousie is today one of Canada’s leading research universities and has the strongest research funding of any university in the Atlantic Provinces. Dalhousie University graduation diploma, The University is consistently ranked among the top 10 research universities in Canada and was ranked 7th in the medical university category for 13 years by the prestigious magazine Macquarie.

Dalhousie has the largest library in the eastern Atlantic provinces. Dalhousie University diploma certificate, The university’s Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine is renowned for producing a large number of outstanding politicians, lawyers, and doctors, and its School of Business was recognized as one of Canada’s top 10 MBA business schools in 2013 by the authoritative Canadian business magazine “Canadian Business”. The University has four campuses located in Halifax and Truro.

The language of instruction at Dalhousie University is English, and it has a Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a Faculty of Law, a Faculty of Medicine, a Dental Hospital, and a Management Hospital. buy Dalhousie University diploma online, The main affiliated institutions are the Institute of Marine Geography, the Canadian Centre for Maritime Studies, and the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. Dalhousie University offers 182 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in humanities, science, and technology, management, computer science, engineering, architecture, law, and medicine. Among them, business, law, computer science, environmental studies, medicine, dentistry, biology, marine studies, and pharmacy are particularly outstanding.

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