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George Brown College degree
George Brown College degree

Founded in 1967, George Brown College is one of the largest public colleges in Canada with over 1,000 teachers and a 91% student employment rate. Since 1967, it has been an official college of the City of Toronto, a publicly funded, government-sponsored, and incorporated educational institution. George Brown College degree, College has three urban colleges, all located in downtown Toronto – the center of Canadian arts, business, and technology – with world-class museums, art galleries, theaters, libraries, and sports facilities all in close proximity to the College.

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George Brown College offers more than 100 certificate and diploma programs that are taught in a carefully structured classroom approach that integrates theory and practice in close collaboration with business, industry, and community leaders. George Brown College master degree, It also offers a full range of prestigious English language programs from beginner to advanced levels. Program length is two semesters (eight months) or less. George Brown College accounting degree, Diploma programs are two, four, or six semesters in length. Most courses start in the first week of September, and some courses start in January.

The quality of teaching and the facilities are second to none among Canadian colleges, and most of them are run in conjunction with major companies in Toronto: some of the students’ classes take place in large companies. George Brown College nursing degree, Many of its programs are unique not only in Ontario but also in Canada, George Brown College construction management degree, such as jewelry identification and restoration, microelectronic engineering, etc.

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