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SFU diploma
SFU diploma

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is located in the beautiful city of Burnaby, BC, Canada. SFU diploma, SFU is one of the top comprehensive public research universities in Canada and North America and has been ranked as “Canada’s #1 overall university” and “Canada’s most valuable comprehensive university” for many years.

Named after Simon Fraser, an explorer of the Vancouver area, SFU diploma business administration, SFU was founded in 1965 with six faculties: Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Communication and Arts, Education, and Science, with more than 100 majors and 40 interdisciplinary areas of specialization.

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SFU’s humanities and social sciences are very strong, and its top five strengths are archaeology, geography, SFU replacement diploma, English language and literature, psychology, and media studies, with majors ranked in the top 100 in the world.

In addition, its popular majors such as HCI, Computer Science, and Business are also very competitive, SFU graduate diploma, with many students applying each year, and the admission threshold is gradually rising.

It is worth mentioning that many of SFU’s advantageous majors cooperate with many key universities in China to carry out international exchange programs and joint studies, SFU diploma computer science, especially its communication majors are mutually recognized with the Communication University of China for credits, SFU post graduate diploma, and its computer science majors are mutually recognized with Zhejiang University for credits.

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