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DHBW diploma
DHBW diploma

DHBW is the first public dual university in Germany, founded in 2009. DHBW diploma, DHBW has more than forty years of experience in dual vocational training and is in partnership with around 9,000 companies and social institutions and has the right to award bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of economics, technology, sociology, and health care.

With 34,500 students, DHBW is currently the largest university in Baden-Württemberg. DHBW diploma certificate, DHBW is also one of the German universities recognized by the Ministry of Education in China, and the qualifications obtained at this university can be certified upon return to China, making it one of the ideal destinations for dual study in Germany.

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The most important feature of DHBW is undoubtedly its dual education model. DHBW has a close partnership with about 9,000 companies and social institutions spread all over Germany – they are also called Duale Partners. Fake DHBW diploma maker, If you want to study at DHBW, you need to submit an application to one of the Duale Partners of DHBW. The Duale Partner will review your application and decide whether to approve it on its own. buy DHBW diploma online, Once your application is approved, you will sign a “Studienvertrag” with the dual enrollment partner, become an employee, and be automatically accepted into DHBW.

The dual study partner will be responsible for the practical part of the teaching as part of the DHBW system. DHBW diploma replacement, Students rotate between DHBW and the dual partner on a three-month cycle, ensuring that the theoretical and practical components are closely integrated and that the students develop the behavioral and social skills they will need when they are formally employed. As an employee of a dual partner, students receive a monthly salary throughout their studies and can be financially independent, making it ideal for those interested in studying abroad/graduate nursing.

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