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FAU degree
FAU degree

The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg has long been recognized as one of the finest research universities in Germany. buy fake FAU degree, Since its foundation more than 270 years ago, it has been recognized nationally and internationally for its high-quality and multidisciplinary research. Ludwig Erhard, the Federal Chancellor, was trained at this school and four of them were awarded the Nobel Prize.

The research results of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg include the synthesis of sugar and purine derivatives, the study of biochemical reactions such as enzymes and cell-free fermentation, the study and exploration of sugar fermentation and fermentation enzymes, the Erlangen Project, the invention of the MP3 format, and so on. FAU bachelor’s degree, The physicist who discovered Ohm’s law, Ohm, and the father of organic chemistry, Eustace von Liebig, both studied at this school.

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The University Hospital in the “Federal Medical Capital” is one of the most famous medical schools in Germany. FAU degree certificate, The Medical Faculty of the historic state research university is one of the best faculties and enjoys an international reputation in the fields of clinics, teaching, and research. In an evaluation of 1,173 public and private medical institutions in Germany by the magazine Focus, the University Hospital Erlangen was ranked among the top ten hospitals in Germany.

The level of disease treatment in 16 departments, including cardiac surgery and cardiology, was rated as the best in Germany. 1966 saw the first successful kidney organ transplant; FAU master’s degree, on April 16, 1982, a German test-tube baby was born at the University Medical School of Langen-Nuremberg in Heure. 2004 saw the world’s first successful magnetoencephalographic epilepsy surgery; in 2008, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to our University’s Professor of Virology, Harald Chul Hausen, for his research into the discovery of the human tumor virus that causes cervical cancer.

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