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Hochschule Reutlingen Urkunde
Hochschule Reutlingen Urkunde

Reutlingen University (in German Hochschule Reutlingen; formerly FHTW Reutlingen) is a university of applied sciences, involved in education and research. fake Hochschule Reutlingen Urkunde, It is located in Reutlingen in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. Enrollment stands at about 5,500 students, a quarter of whom are international and exchange students. fake Hochschule Reutlingen Urkunde maker, Reutlingen University has a long tradition as a second home for international students; over a quarter of the students currently registered come from countries outside Germany.

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Today, Reutlingen University comprises five schools with international accreditation: School of Applied Chemistry (AC, Angewandte Chemie), ESB Business School (ESB), School of Information Technology (INF, Informatik), School of Engineering (TEC, Technik), and School of Textiles & Design (TD, Textil & Design). It has over 200 partner universities worldwide and offers 16 Bachelor’s degrees and 23 Master’s degrees, including an MBA for officers of the Bundeswehr (Federal Defense of Germany).

Reutlingen University is known for its strong focus on practical skills and its close ties to industry. buy Hochschule Reutlingen Urkunde online, The university also has a strong emphasis on research, and it is home to a number of research institutes.

Why choose Reutlingen University? 1. Strong focus on practical skills and close ties to industry; Hochschule Reutlingen Urkunde certificate, 2. Wide range of programs in engineering, business, chemistry, textiles, and design; 3. Internationally oriented with over 200 partner universities worldwide; 4. Strong emphasis on research

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