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Goethe University Frankfurt diploma
Goethe University Frankfurt diploma

Goethe University Frankfurt also known as Goethe University, is a well-known German university, but also the only comprehensive public university in the Frankfurt area, the German U15 University Union members. It has strong scientific research strength. buy Goethe University Frankfurt diploma, At present, there are 19 people have been awarded the Nobel Prize (the number of Germany’s fifth), but also Germany’s most famous research prize Leibniz Prize winners of the largest number of universities, “the father of the atomic bomb” Oppenheimer and the world-famous German soccer coach Jürgen Klopp are the university’s graduates.

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The Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) was founded by the University of Frankfurt in 2002. buy fake Goethe University Frankfurt diploma, With the geographical advantage of Frankfurt as the financial center of Europe and abundant resources, it has become one of the most important platforms for academic exchanges in the field of law and finance and is the cradle of cultivating elite talents in international finance and law.

LL.M. International Finance is a one-year English-language master’s degree program tailored for Asian students at the School of Law and Finance, which begins in October and ends in July of the following year. The curriculum focuses on finance law and includes legal courses, business/economics courses, as well as an introductory course and the Legal and Management Training Program (LMTP). Goethe University Frankfurt diploma certificate, The Legal and Management Training Program consists of advanced legal and business English, business management training, and field trips to relevant companies, Goethe University Frankfurt diploma replacement, with the aim of enhancing students’ soft skills in the international job market.

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