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TU Dortmund diploma
TU Dortmund diploma

Technische Universität Dortmund is one of Germany’s most prestigious institutions of higher education in science and technology, located in Dortmund, the seventh largest city in Germany, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Formerly known as the University of Dortmund, the university was officially renamed the Technical University of Dortmund in 2007. TU Dortmund diploma, There are 34,269 people studying in about 80 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at the Technical University of Dortmund, which is also one of the 20 largest German universities. The Technical University of Dortmund has been ranked as one of the world’s most successful young universities by QS and Times Higher Education (THE) for many years and has been among the top 500 world universities for many years.

As the second largest technical university in North Rhine Westphalia, TU Dortmund is one of Germany’s key state-supported industrial universities, a member of the Ruhr University Association (UA Ruhr), and a key institution of higher education in North Rhine-Westphalia. TU Dortmund diploma replacement, The university has strong research capabilities in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, economics (including the subject area of statistics), materials science, educational science, biological and chemical engineering, logistics engineering, industrial engineering, construction engineering, spatial planning, and computer engineering. fake TU Dortmund diploma certificate, In 2015, the DFG Foederatlas ranked the university in the top 10 universities in Germany in terms of research strength in five areas: production engineering technology, economics, materials engineering, education science, and information technology.

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The TU Dortmund is divided into two campuses, one in the north and one in the south, which form the entire campus and are connected by the H-Bahn, a joint research project with Siemens. Students can travel between the north and south campuses on the H-Bahn with a semester ticket. buy fake TU Dortmund diploma, The North Campus is home to the main academic buildings, office buildings, library, cafeteria, laboratories, and research institutes (e.g. Fraunhofer IML, Max Planck InstitutePhysiology).

The TU Dortmund has always been committed to interdisciplinary cooperation and to the integration of the teaching and research characteristics of the natural and industrial sciences with the socio-cultural disciplines, thus attracting many students to study and research in the 17 faculties of the university, which has developed into a place of research in cutting-edge science with excellent teaching and training programs. buy TU Dortmund diploma online, The university has 17 faculties, nearly 40,000 students, and more than 6,000 staff members, including 304 professors. The university’s annual budget is approximately 360 million euros or about 2.9 billion yuan.

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