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TUD diploma
TUD diploma

Founded in 1828, the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is the largest university in the Free State of Saxony, with about 32,400 students and about 8,300 faculty members. buy TUD diploma, The main campus is located in the old town of Dresden, the capital of the Free State of Saxony, just about one kilometer from Dresden’s main train station, with three additional branch campuses and several smaller branches in the surrounding areas of the city.

The TU Dresden is a member of the consortium of nine German universities of technology (TU9). In 2012 the TU Dresden was selected as one of Germany’s elite universities, has two clusters of excellence that receive federal funding, and has a declared goal of becoming one of the world’s best 100 universities by 2022. TUD professional diploma architecture, In 2019, the new round of the German Elite University Program was announced after the renaming of the Strategy for Excellence, and the TU Dresden was once again awarded the title of “German Elite University” with three clusters of excellence. TUD higher diploma in medical science, According to data published on its official website, TU Dresden received approximately €270 million in third-party funding in 2017.

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Teaching and research at TU Dresden cover five main areas: mathematics and natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, engineering sciences, building and environmental sciences, and medicine. TUD accounting diploma, As of March 2019, TU Dresden has 18 faculties offering 121-degree programs, making it one of the most comprehensive technical universities in Germany in terms of subject areas. Among them, microelectronics, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, economic engineering, materials science, and civil engineering are the best-known in Germany.

In 2009, the TU Dresden, together with the Leibniz Society, the Max Planck Society, the Helmholtz Society, the Fraunhofer Society, and several Dresden-based academic institutions, published the “Dresden Concept – A Dresden Research and Education Collaboration for Excellence and Innovation”. which referred to the desire for a global elite in Dresden. This was the first time that four major German research institutions announced a collaboration with a university at the same time. TUD history diploma, These German semi-public institutions employ their team leaders worldwide and set up research institutes anywhere in Germany, and Dresden attracts a significant number of them.

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