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TUM diploma
TUM diploma

Technische Universität München (TUM) is located in Munich, the largest city in southern Germany, and was formerly known as the “Royal Technical College of Bayern in Munich”, founded by the Bavarian kings in 1868. TUM diploma, TUM is one of the leading research universities in Europe and is considered to be the hallmark of German universities in the world today, ranking at the top of the list of German universities for many years.

In the last decade, TUM has been building up a comprehensive research university by establishing business schools, administrative schools, schools of education, and other faculties of humanities and social sciences, expanding its disciplinary coverage, buy fake TUM diploma, and building up interdisciplinary research atmosphere of natural sciences, engineering and humanities, and social sciences. fake TUM diploma maker, In July 2019, the university was selected as one of Germany’s “elite universities” for the third time.

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Thanks to its three campuses, the library of the Technical University of Munich has 10 branches with a total collection of more than 500,000 volumes, TUM diploma certificate, but in general, there is no central library (main library), and all library books can be reserved at any branch through electronic search.

The Technical University of Munich also attaches great importance to a solid basic education, and its researchers conduct research at the highest level and integrate the results of their research directly into their teaching. buy a TUM diploma, Thanks to the excellence of its research, the high quality of its teaching, and the practical advantages of its close contact with companies, the Technical University of Munich was awarded the highest prize in Germany for “Excellence in Teaching” by the German Foundation in 2009. fake TUM diploma maker, The graduates of the Technical University of Munich are also highly regarded by the German human resources community.

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