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UWI diploma
UWI diploma

The University of the West Indies (UWI) has officially signed an exchange agreement that allows our students to enter the UWI undergraduate program after 3 years of study at Gao Bo. Fake UWI diploma, Students who have completed 2 years of study at Gao Bo College can apply and continue to study at the University of the West Indies for 2 years after completing 2 years of study at Gao Bo College.

The University of the West Indies (UWI) was established in 1948 with the support of 17 English-speaking countries in the Caribbean, initially as a branch of the University of London, with the University of London providing course supervision, and began awarding its own degrees in 1965. UWI diploma in education, The University has three physical campuses, Mona in Kingston, Jamaica, Cave Hill in Barbados, and St. Augustine in Trinidad, as well as an Open University for 17 English-speaking countries.

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The University has two Nobel Laureates: Mr. Arthur Lewis for Economics and Mr. Derek Walcott for Literature, and three faculty members participated in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize shared by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. UWI diploma in business administration, In addition, the University of the West Indies is known as the “cradle of statesmanship” and has produced 16 prime ministers of Caribbean Community countries, of whom seven are currently in office.

The University has seven faculties: Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Humanities, Science and Technology, Engineering, and Agricultural Sciences, and offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, all in English. UWI diploma postgraduate diploma, There are currently 1,882 full-time faculty members and 759 part-time faculty members, including 67 with senior titles, 1,915 with intermediate titles, and 800 with junior titles. UWI postgraduate diploma, The number of students enrolled is 50,000.

The University of the West Indies is recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education as an overseas university.

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