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APU diploma
APU diploma

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), was established in 1993 as one of the private universities in Malaysia. buy a fake APU diploma, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is a private university in Malaysia. APU’s education is centered on science and technology and offers a multi-level education model. APU’s goal is to nurture and encourage innovation through its educational programs and to develop students who can learn, understand, and think differently and independently.

All of APU’s academic programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, and the university’s educational qualifications are accredited and certified by the Malaysian Centre for Academic Qualifications and Accreditation (MQA).

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APU is ranked as one of the best five-star universities, an honor announced by the Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Sri Mohd Khalil Noordin, at the awards gala of the “SETARA Ranking of Malaysian Universities 2011” held on November 1, 2012, which was organized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysia. fake APU diploma generator, The SETARA rankings are jointly reviewed and assessed by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualifications Authority (MQA).

The numerous awards that APU has received over the years, both locally and internationally, are a testament to the high regard in which the university is held by the higher education community. buy a fake APU diploma online, APU is also widely recognized for its innovative research and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. fake APU diploma certificate, APU was the first institution in Malaysia to be awarded the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) accreditation and has been awarded the MSC Asia Pacific ICT Awards every year since its inception in 1999.

Through its well-established curriculum, teaching models, resources, and systems, APU offers students a unique opportunity to participate in an internationalized higher education through research and development in Malaysia.

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