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diploma politeknik
diploma politeknik

Craft colleges have a long history and are widely known in the country as technical and vocational institutions with high entry barriers and articulation to public university programs. fake diploma politeknik, There are a total of 36 craft colleges located in various states across the country, the first of which was the Ongkul Omar Craft College in Ipoh, established in 1969.

Craft colleges offer a wide range of courses such as engineering, architecture, accounting, business management, art and design, agriculture, computer and hospitality, etc. biasiswa jpa diploma politeknik, Apart from certificate and diploma qualification programs, a few bachelor’s degree programs are also offered. advanced diploma politeknik, The certificate program is for special students and is open to hearing-impaired students who can enroll in the diploma program upon completion of the program.

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There are three types of craft colleges, namely Politeknik Premier, Politeknik Konvensional, and Politeknik Metro. There are currently three Premier Craft Colleges, which are at the same level as universities, admit students with excellent SPM results, and may offer Bachelor’s Degree programs. buy fake diploma politeknik, Whereas the regular craft colleges are no different from the former craft colleges, the Metropolitan Craft Colleges cater to the needs of the local socio-economic development by offering blended learning and distance learning programs.

Months of enrollment: Certificate/Diploma/Higher Diploma (January to April, August to October), Bachelor’s Degree (June to July)
Duration of study: 3 years for diploma programs
Entry Requirements: SPM with at least 3 credits (non-engineering); SPM with at least 5 credits (engineering).

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