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USM diploma
USM diploma

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was established in 1969. Buy fake USM diploma, It is the second national university established in Malaysia and one of the five research-intensive universities in Malaysia.

In August 2007, the Malaysian government launched the APEX University program to promote education reform and USM was selected as one of the top universities in Malaysia in 2008.

USM is recognized by the Malaysian government as a top comprehensive research university in Malaysia, in line with its vision of becoming a world-class institution of higher learning. USM nursing diploma, The campus is large and beautiful and is known as the Garden University of Asia.

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The library system of the University consists of seven libraries: the First Main Library, the Second Main Library, the Media Library of the Centre for Structural Technology and Multimedia, the Engineering Library, the Medical Library, the forthcoming Advanced Medicine and Dentistry Library, and the Islamic Centre Library, USM graduation diploma, which was integrated into the library system of the University in 2005. USM professional diploma, The library’s collections exceed one million books and other related journals, 6,886 periodicals, and 220,000 media materials. An average of 20,000 new volumes are added each year.

The University of Science Malaysia has 3 campuses – the Main Campus, Engineering Campus, and Medical Campus – with a total of 28 faculties and 26 research centers specializing in communication technology, renewable energy, clinical sciences, microelectronic design, archaeology, policy studies, pharmacy, dentistry, molecular medicine, theoretical sciences, engineering and technology, and international politics. USM pjj diploma, With more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students on approximately 15,000 acres, the university offers master’s and doctoral degree programs in more than 500 areas of specialization.

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