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UTAR degree
UTAR degree

Founded in 2002 as UTAR, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is a non-profit, comprehensive university with an emphasis on “education for the whole person”. The University’s vision is to be a global university that provides quality education and has a sustainable impact on society. UTAR degree, It has two campuses, Kampar Campus in Perak and Sungai Long Campus in Selangor.

The Kampar Campus is an award-winning campus set in a beautiful and tranquil location surrounded by scenic mountains and lakes. UTAR degree certificate, The Sungai Long Campus is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built campus located around the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur.

With nine faculties, three research institutes, 35 key research centers, and three study centers, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman offers 129 foundations, bachelor, post-baccalaureate, master, and doctoral degree programs. UTAR degree in accounting, As many as 21,000 students from all over the world are currently studying at these two campuses.

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To date, more than 72,000 students have graduated, with a 95 percent success rate of students employed within nine months. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman ensures a holistic approach to education, allowing students to acquire a well-rounded knowledge base and establish a good university role. Its quality programs are aligned with industries in various fields and focus on the employability and soft skills of university graduates. UTAR accounting degree, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman embraces international education and the exchange of experiences and nurtures students and employees with comprehensive knowledge and skills to manage diverse global development.

Currently, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman has multi-faceted collaborative programs with 500 universities and companies from 30 economic regions in Malaysia and abroad. UTAR master degree, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is a private university listed by the Ministry of Education of China’s Education-related Foreign Supervision Network, and Chinese students can get their qualifications certified by the Ministry of Education’s Study Abroad Service Center after graduation.

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