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Ngee Ann Polytechnic diploma
Ngee Ann Polytechnic diploma

Ngee Ann Polytechnics was established in 1963 and is the second earliest polytechnic in Singapore. Ngee Ann Polytechnic has a student population of about 14,000 and an alumni association of 90,000, making it an important base for the training of technical professionals in Singapore. Ngee Ann Polytechnic diploma, Over the years, Ngee Ann Polytechnic has attracted numerous students from home and abroad with its strong faculty and rigorous school spirit.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic has eight colleges, including the College of Commerce and Accounting, College of Engineering, College of Film and Media, College of Medicine and Nursing, College of Humanities, College of Information and Communication, College of Liberal Studies, College of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, and offers 42 full-time professional diploma programs. Ngee Ann Polytechnic diploma in mass communication, In addition, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Professional Training Center also offers amateur advanced diploma courses for working professionals.

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Ngee Ann Polytechnic has long been upholding high standards of education and has received numerous awards and recognition from relevant government departments and professional bodies in Singapore for its teaching and management. Ngee Ann Polytechnic diploma with merit, The awards include the Outstanding Institution in Public Service Award (2001, 2004), Human Resource Development Standard Award (since 2000), Singapore Quality Level Award (since 1999), etc.

Since the 80s, Ngee Ann Polytechnic has been establishing partnerships with foreign institutions of higher learning and has so far reached agreements with more than 40 universities to recognize Ngee Ann Polytechnic diplomas, including such prestigious universities as the University of Sydney, Australian National University, Imperial College (UK) and Manchester Polytechnic (UK). Ngee Ann Polytechnic part time diploma, Since June 1993, the Institute has implemented the International Researcher Program, which allows graduates from top foreign universities to come to Ngee Ann as international researchers for short-term research work. Ngee Ann Polytechnic diploma certificate, In 2001, Ngee Ann Polytechnic sent 1,424 students to study and intern overseas in order to provide students with the opportunity to expand their horizons through exposure to different educational systems and plans to increase the percentage of students going on overseas exchange to 40% in 2004.

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