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SIM GE diploma
SIM GE diploma

SIM Global Education (SIM GE) is the global education arm of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group), which was initiated by the Singapore Economic Development Board in 1964 to promote economic development in Singapore. SIM GE diploma, In addition to SIM GE, the SIM Group also owns the SIM Professional Development (SIM PD) education brand.

As the leading private education institution in Singapore, SIM GE has 133,000 alumni and 20,000 students from over 40 countries. SIM GE diploma in banking and finance, SIM GE is committed to a “holistic approach to education” and is committed to preparing students to excel in the global workplace and to find their place in the future economy.

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SIM GE organizes 1,095 programs in career development, global learning, SIM GE graduate diploma, student development, and student health, and provides strong support for students’ artistic and athletic pursuits, buy a SIM GE diploma, as well as numerous opportunities for leadership roles in activities that allow students to exercise their leadership skills and enhance their self-awareness.

Through the SIM GE platforms and SIM Membership, SIM GE diploma replacement, the university offers a wide range of learning resources and networking activities for current students and graduates.

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