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University of Buckingham degree
University of Buckingham degree

The University of Buckingham is the only private university in the United Kingdom. University of Buckingham degree, The University was founded as the University College of Buckingham in 1976 and was upgraded to a university by Royal Charter in 1983.

The University of Buckingham has over 1,300 students and 89 teaching staff. Students come from more than eighty different countries and regions around the world. The University has four faculties: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Business, and the Faculty of Science, Technology, and Medicine.

The University participated in the annual ranking of UK universities until 1996 when it was ranked 32nd. University of Buckingham master’s degree, Since 1997, the University has not been ranked in the UK university rankings because it is the only private university chartered by the King and has a completely different funding source than other universities. It has an advantage in terms of resources that other universities do not have and is not comparable to other universities. University of Buckingham certificate, However, in order to promote international students’ understanding of the university, the university decided to rejoin the ranking list of UK universities in 2006, and in 2012 the university was ranked 21 by Times.

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As the only royal-chartered independent university in the UK, the University of Buckingham offers a high-quality two-year undergraduate education in a professional context. Thanks to the rational use of summer teaching, an undergraduate degree that would normally take three years to obtain takes only two years at Buckingham. This saves you a year of time and expenses in the UK compared to other UK universities, while maintaining a guaranteed number of class hours. University of Buckingham bachelor’s degree, The University of Buckingham’s qualifications are internationally recognized and is one of the universities whose qualifications are mutually recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The University of Buckingham has inherited a tradition of excellence by offering small classes, focusing on the development of students’ personalities, and being able to guarantee the quality of education. buy fake University of Buckingham degree, At the same time, the University is a young and modern university that focuses on training the talents needed by companies.

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