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AJMLS diploma
AJMLS diploma

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) has been educating lawyers and leaders in Georgia since 1933 and attracts students from around the world to its full-time and part-time J.D. programs, as well as the Criminal Justice Certificate Program. AJMLS provides rigorous, high-quality programs that produce competent and ethical lawyers who are dedicated to helping people, especially in underserved communities. buy AJMLS diploma online, The Law School intentionally instills in its students a sense of obligation to the community and the legal profession—an obligation to pursue justice rather than mere personal gain, and to improve society rather than to solely advance personal ambition. Whether AJMLS graduates remain in law practice, become judges, enter politics, or succeed in business, these core values remain with them.

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Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School provides the opportunity for legal education to both traditional and nontraditional students who show promise of making positive contributions to the profession, legal system, or society. We are dedicated to preparing highly skilled, ethical, and professional lawyers who possess a strong social conscience.

The rigorous program of legal study at Atlanta’s John Marshall is designed for the development of intellectual, analytical, and lawyering skills. From the first-year curriculum of core courses through the third-year courses that emphasize practical skill development, the JD program is designed to promote critical reasoning, precision in both oral and written communication and problem-solving skills. AJMLS graduate diploma, Upper-level students can pursue their areas of interest through a broad variety of elective courses.

The Law School remains dedicated to providing access to legal education to both traditional and nontraditional students by offering both full-time and part-time law programs. Individuals who are unable to devote themselves to the study of law full-time may attend either the part-time day or part-time evening program.

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