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Assumption College diploma
Assumption College diploma

Assumption College is a private, Roman Catholic liberal arts college founded in 1904 on 185 acres in Worcester, Massachusetts. buy fake Assumption College diploma, It currently awards Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees are awarded. Associate degrees are awarded at the continuing education level.

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The Assumption College (ACC) graduate program awards the Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees. buy Assumption College diploma online, There is also an Associate Degree in the College of Adult Education. Dr. Franciso was appointed President in 2007. Notre Dame College has a tradition of training Catholic men and women and has fought for many years to develop a rigorous system of formation of learned graduates, thoughtful citizens, and dedicated service. The school seeks to fulfill these ambitions in the liberal arts and in extended areas of specialization. Immersed in a harmonious atmosphere of faith and reason, the school aims to pursue the truth and to transform the minds and hearts of its students.

The school opened in 1963 in Melbourne’s Belgrave neighborhood, founded by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict, a Catholic religious order dedicated to the welfare and recreation of women. Assumption College graduation diploma, The Samaritan Sisters of Charity opened their first school in Sydney in 1861 and they operate ten schools throughout Australia and one in Japan. International students were admitted in 1989. The school enrollment is 7% international: approximately 950 local students and 70 international students.

The school is ideally located in Belgrave, a forty-kilometer suburb of Melbourne, with beautiful scenery and easy access to a comprehensive train and bus service directly to the school. In this safe and healthy environment, students can concentrate fully on their studies and also revel in the beautiful nature around them. Assumption College diploma certificate, Melbourne, the capital of Victoria and Australia’s second-largest city, is a modern, diverse metropolis with a population of approximately 3.8 million people, and is widely regarded by Australians as the center of education, culture, and sport in the country.

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