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CSUN diploma
CSUN diploma

Founded in 1958, California State University, Northridge is an international community situated on 356 acres of land. Located just north of Los Angeles, it is one of the largest colleges and universities in the United States. buy CSUN diploma, The university promotes the integration of academic research and practical application, and it is the economic, cultural, and intellectual heart of the Northridge region north of Los Angeles.

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Alumni include many of America’s leading teachers, Grammy Award winners, politicians, journalists, and astronauts. The university also boasts the distinction of being one of the largest universities in the United States. CSUN diploma copy, The university also has the largest center for the education of the deaf in the United States. The school’s student body is predominantly from southern California but includes students from all over the world. CSUN duplicate diploma, In the fall of 2018, 31,102 of 60,519 applicants were admitted, for an acceptance rate of 51.4%. The total number of international students for the academic year was 3,924.

CSUN’s campus is located in the satellite city of Northridge, north of Los Angeles and in the San Fernando Valley, about 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and the beach, about 20 minutes from Santa Clarita and Pasadena, and about 100 minutes from Santa Barbara. CSUN diploma example, The campus has an area of about 2 square kilometers and is divided into two parts, north, and south. The southern part is divided into the academic area with the library, the Snow Hill Hall complex, the Student Union Building, and the academic buildings for the various faculties and departments. fake CSUN diploma maker, The northern part is divided into a long, narrow north-south campus that houses the dormitory area and the sports complex.

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