Can I buy a Gemological Institute of America diploma online?

Gemological Institute of America diploma
Gemological Institute of America diploma

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or GIA for short, is the founder of the internationalization of diamond certification. It was founded in 1931 by Mr. Robert Shipley (Mr. Robert Shipley), and has a history of nearly 90 years, GIA reputation is a non-profit organization, the funds donated by the jewelry industry, in the appraisal of the quality of the content of the certificate, quite credible.

Is it easy to get a fake Gemological Institute of America diploma in the USA?

The GIA certificate emphasizes unity. There is a sense of assembly line-like standardization. From the certificate of the page, the star’s jewelry and street store goods are unified to use the same plate and design, GIA India and GIA United States, and GIA Hong Kong’s certificate is indistinguishable from their different places of issuance. Just like McDonald’s and GAP in the United States, the certificate is given to every teacher, fisherman, and worker in the world. fake GIA diploma certificate, Therefore, it can be said that the Gemological Institute of America meets the consumer needs of the majority of the modern industrialized population. Meanwhile in China, with the reform and opening up, in the 90’s, the GIA certificate also entered the Chinese market with a large influx of American diamonds and became one of the international certificates with a high degree of domestic recognition.

Note: The GIA certificate is recognized as the most authoritative and objective appraisal certificate, compared to the authority of the IGI certificate and appraisal standards the GIA loses, the same level of diamonds, with the IGI certificate being cheaper than the GIA’s 3-5%.

GIA International Certificate diamonds are recognized internationally, and the GIA Gemological Institute of America has officially launched the GIA Diamond Identification Certificate Online Inquiry System on a global scale since 2006. buy fake GIA diploma, The launch of this system has played a great role in the inquiry and anti-counterfeiting of identification certificates.

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