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Nova Southeastern University diploma
Nova Southeastern University diploma

Nova Southeastern University is a private comprehensive research university founded in 1964. The main campus is in Davie, just 39 kilometers away from downtown Miami. As of 2017, there are eight campuses in Florida and one institute overseas (Puerto Rico). buy a Nova Southeastern University diploma, The school was founded as NOVA Advanced Technology University and began by offering master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology and sociology only for advanced researchers. In 1971, the university received a $16 million donation from Mr. Leo Goodwin, founder of GECO, and expanded rapidly. In 1994, it merged with the College of Health Sciences at Southeastern University and began accepting undergraduate students. This resulted in the current name, Nova Southeastern University.

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Because the undergraduate school was created later, Southeastern Nova’s master’s and doctoral schools are much better developed. Master’s and doctoral students also outnumber undergraduates, which is relatively rare in the United States. Nova Southeastern University diploma certificate, Nova Southeastern University diploma replacement, According to the 2012 statistical report, Southeast Nova’s doctoral and master’s students were 22,060. undergraduate students numbered 6,397.

In 2015, the university invested $100 million in the Center for Collaborative Research, one of the most advanced and developed research centers in Florida. Additionally, from 2008 to 2018, the school’s research funding has improved by leaps and bounds, with a 125% growth rate in research funding, from $47 million (2008) to $96 million (2018). In 2017, Nova Southeastern received the largest in the school’s history, and a rare donation in the history of higher education in Florida, $200 million ($1.4 billion). The school pledged to use the money to build a new campus, and to give scholarships to international students (which, as requested by the donor, are primarily for Asian and African students).

The university has nine campuses in Florida. The main campus is in Davie, about 30 minutes from Miami. Nova Southeastern University graduation diploma, The scenic coastline is only 15 minutes away. The main campus is built around a golden lake, where waterfowl, squirrels, and lizards can be seen throughout the year. A 15-minute drive north is the Pearl of the Southeast, Fort Lauderdale, which is also a very nice and clean tourist town.

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