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Hogeschool Gent diploma
Hogeschool Gent diploma

Hogeschool Gent is located in the city of Gent in East Flanders, Belgium. buy a Hogeschool Gent diploma, It was founded in 1995 as a result of two mergers of sixteen universities, many of which were leaders in Belgian higher education in previous decades.

Hogeschool Gent was founded in 1817 and was the first university in Belgium to specialize in teaching in Dutch. Formerly known as the National University of Ghent (Dutch: Rijksuniversiteit Gent, abbreviation: RUG), it was simplified to its current name in 1991. It is one of the top universities in Belgium, together with the Dutch Catholic University of Leuven. The university has 11 faculties and more than 120 departments, with about 41,000 students, of whom 4,150 are foreign students from all over the world, and about 9,000 faculty members. Ghent University has strong scientific research strength and competitiveness in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, aquaculture, and other basic and applied research, and has two science and technology parks in Zwijnaarde and Ostend. Cooperation with China is an important part of Ghent University’s international cooperation activities. To attract more Chinese students, Ghent University offers a wide range of scholarships and numerous incentives.

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The current Ghent University College is part of the Ghent University Association. Order Hogeschool Gent diploma, The University College of Ghent consists of ten faculties: the Faculty of Engineering, Technology, and Navigation, the Faculty of Applied Languages, the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Audiovisual and Visual Arts, the Faculty of Biotechnology, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Health Care, the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, and the Faculty of Social and Community Work.

Ghent University College offers higher education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a wide range of disciplines such as interior design, applied computer science, business management, office management, primary education, social work, real estate, theater, music, audiovisual arts, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, etc.; Hogeschool Gent graduate diploma, postgraduate studies in theater, music, art and design, composition, interpreting, translation, business administration, nursing and midwifery, etc.. Nursing and Midwifery, etc.

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